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We know that Sessions is a complex product but no worries... All you need to know is right here. These are the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

How many Participants can join?
For the time being, one session can host a maximum of 50 Participants, with that number increasing to 200 in the foreseeable future.
Can I record my session?
Recording your session will be possible in the near future. It’s yet another feature we are developing at the moment. In the meantime, remember that helpful information about your past sessions remains stored in the platform’s Memory. It can be accessed by you (as the Owner or an Attendee) anytime. You’ll also be able to access any materials shared through the Resources interaction block during that specific session. To find a particular session, go to the homepage and use the search bar to look up details.
Is the Sessions interface available in other languages?
For now, it’s only available in English. But fear not! Translations are already underway for French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Portuguese, and other languages. We aim to make Sessions available in as many languages as possible!
Where is all the information stored?
All the platform’s information is securely stored in our own database, which in turn is hosted by Google Servers. Any material you upload here to be used in your sessions is kept safe, behind cutting-edge security measures. Nobody else can access them but you, unless – of course – you share them as Resources in a session. The sessions themselves will be stored in the platform’s Memory and will be accessible to you, as the Owner, and to your Attendees via a user-friendly interactive page.
Are there desktop and mobile versions of Sessions?
Desktop and mobile apps are still under development. In the meantime, you can access Sessions online through your browser.
Do I need an account to join a session?
No. As an Attendee, all you need to join a session is a link, which usually gets sent to you via email. On some occasions, the Owner may choose to send you the session link personally. In this case, only when you effectively join the session will you be asked to fill in your name and email address.
Do I need an account to host a session?
Yes. In order to become an Owner and host a session, you’ll need to be registered. If you don't want to create an account using an email address, you can always choose to sign up using your Google or LinkedIn account. Either way, it requires only a few clicks!
Where do I find my scheduled sessions?
To view all your past, present, and future sessions, check the Calendar, which can be accessed from the Home section. All your sessions are scheduled there. If you’re interested specifically in the current-day’s sessions, they’re available and up to date in the Home section. Calendar displays the following types of events: published sessions; draft sessions (they were created by the logged-in user, who in this case is the Owner); invited sessions (those events at which the user is an Attendee).
How do I edit or delete a session as Owner?
Note: In order to edit or delete a session, you have to be its Owner. First, locate your session by using the Calendar on the Home section. Once you find it, click on it and use the buttons on the pop-up window. The “bin icon” is for deleting, and the “pencil icon” is for editing* an existing session. When finished, click Update session. When rescheduling a session, altering its duration, or making changes that directly affect your Participants, Sessions will automatically notify* all Participants via email, keeping everybody up to date. *as long as you have enabled email notifications (Designer – Permissions options – Send automatic email invitation)
How do I join a session?
The invitation to join a session is automatically sent by our platform via email. It contains a link that takes you to the session’s page. In some specific situations (e.g., when the Owner doesn't know your email address), the Owner may choose to send you a link via some other preferred channel. If you’re not registered yet to Sessions, you’ll be asked to fill in your name and email address.
Browse your resources / What about my past sessions?
Memory will be the “place” that stores everything about your past sessions. This function will gather all the details you’d need about a former session in one spot: the recording of the online meeting, Participants, duration, materials shared, tips for a better session, etc. Our team is working on making all these features available as soon as possible. In the meantime, take advantage of the features already at your disposal. Keep in mind that the tools (presentations, docs, video, links, etc.) used throughout your planned Agenda will not be available in Memory by default. They were used in the session; therefore, you’ll see them in the recording, as part of the meeting. But the Participants will not be able to download them. Suppose you’d like for your Participants to have the source material (the doc, video, presentation, or link itself). In that case, it’s best if you upload them to the interaction block Resources (Designer–- right side – 3rd icon). Tools shared here (by you or other Attendees) can be accessed anytime from the Memory, by the Participants of that session only.
How much does Sessions cost?
Everything is free at the moment. So, go ahead and enjoy your brainstorming sessions, webinars, and other online meetings using our platform! As time goes by, some of the platform’s tools and features will become available only to paying customers.
Does Sessions have control over my Calendar?
No, Sessions can't control your Calendar. Email clients that are integrated with a Calendar (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and others...) will parse the emails sent by Sessions, and if an iCalendar attachment is present, it will create a pending event and notify you about it, if this is the default setting. If you are invited to a session, you can decline or accept the invitation, but as a creator of that session, you are accepted by default.
Why is Sessions <> the organizer or Attendee of my events?
We use the iCalendar Internet standard to send invitations, and it has two technical limitations. First, we can't use your email to add event requests to your Calendar because that would involve impersonation, which is not allowed. The second limitation applies to responses to the invitations. When you accept/decline an invitation, your email client automatically sends an email to the organizer with your response. We need to capture this email so we can update the status of the Participant in our platform.
As an Owner, can I host a free-for-all session?
Yes. Public sessions are open to everybody. They’re available through a unique link that can be shared via any channel you choose. That link is created along with the session.
Does Sessions have Breakout Rooms? / Can I split Participants into groups?
Currently under development! As the Owner, you’ll be able to split Participants into smaller groups, across one or more agenda interaction blocks within the same session. We call this feature “Breakout Rooms”, and it will be available to our community very soon.
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