Ultra HD Video and Audio

Everything you'd expect from a top videoconferencing platform and more.

Tools and Integrations

Embed your favorite tools and apps into your meetings and collaborate in real-time.

Interactive Agendas

Create interactive agendas, save them as templates, and share them with your team.

AI Copilot

Create, launch, and manage remarkable webinars in no time flat.


Work as a team when creating agendas and resources. Share them with your organization and save time.

Event Management

Plan and host webinars that are guaranteed to keep your audience engaged.

Bookings and Scheduling

Sync your calendar, share your availability, and let others book a time with you.

Memory and Analytics

All recordings, resources, and data are safely stored in the cloud. Plus, view detailed analytics.

Privacy and Security

Learn more about how we keep your personal information, data, and account safe.


Streamline your processes and convert more leads. Ideal for discovery calls, interactive demos, and follow-ups.


Create more engaging events and get people interested in your product. Ideal for webinars and other major online events.

Customer Success

Grow accounts and increase customer retention. Ideal for onboarding and interactive training sessions.

Help Center

Need to figure out how to do something? Our Help Center has loads of helpful information and tutorials.


We love hosting webinars about relevant topics. You’ll find our library of past webinars here.


Need some inspiration? Our blog is filled with interesting articles written by contributors from all over the globe.


Learn more about running successful webinars and productive meetings that keep people engaged.

BIG NEWS: Now with the power of AI

Hop into a meeting and
leave the admin to Sessions

Sessions’ AI Copilot lets you automate meeting admin and
follow-ups, so you can focus on your participants.

The frazzle antidote

Manage and host
it all with a single platform

Sessions has everything your team needs to conduct effective customer-facing meetings,
including a collaborative workspace for creating and sharing resources.


Sync your contacts and calendars. Let others book a time with you.



Work as a team to prepare meeting agendas and resources.


Live session

Host a classic video conference with HD video and crystal clear audio.



Host an interactive online event with custom landing and registration pages.



Let meeting participants interact with what’s on screen.



Let the AI Copilot take over or speed up mundane tasks.



Create remarkable experiences
with none of the added stress

By combining AI with creator tools and automated planning, Sessions becomes your webinar co-pilot. Running stand-out webinars has never been so easy!

Grab their attention and keep it

Sessions helps you run ultra-engaging meetings and webinars.

Create an interactive agenda with speaker notes to help you stay on track.

Automatically load all your slides and videos at the right moment, without sharing your screen.

Launch polls, Q&A, whiteboards and other interactive tools within seconds.

Allow your participants to interact with what’s on screen.

AI-powered transcripts and follow-ups

We’ll handle the grunt work so you can focus on creating meaningful connections.

Transcribe your meetings and webinars, complete with names and time stamps.

Translate transcripts live or after the session has ended.

Automatically summarize transcripts according to your liking: brief bullets or friendly paragraphs.

Send out follow-up emails to all participants at the click of a button.

Run product demos and trainings like a pro

Don’t just tell people about your product, bring it to life.

Share your schedule and allow people to book a time with you.

Participants can join with one click, without having to download anything.

Give participants control of the mouse and let them interact with your website or digital product.

The original meeting link leads to a full recap of the session: recording, slides, transcripts and more.

Plan and host webinars that convert

Run interactive webinars that showcase your product and keep people interested

Invite team members and guest speakers to help you plan and run webinars.

Create professional custom landing and registration pages within seconds.

Bring more people to your event by showcasing its full program, speakers, and timetable.

View detailed analytics and download participant lists.

Privacy and Security you can trust

We follow a no-compromize approach when it comes to your data and security.

We’ll never share your data with 3rd parties or use your content to train AI models.

Backed by Google’s trusted cloud storage infrastructure.

All our storage systems are located in Europe.

Lock your sessions to keep unwanted participants out.

How does Sessions compare with
Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more?

How does Sessions
compare with
Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more?

Sessions’ signature features are built to boost productivity.​

Experience measurable improvements in audience engagement 

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